Dating antique fabrics sonny witha chance of dating

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Recusant Catholic priests traveled to private houses to celebrate mass in peril of their lives, and many were forced to disguise themselves as peddlers, carrying their sacramental paraphernalia around in backpacks.

Catholic families built hiding places in their mansions that are known today as "priest holes".

While it is true that many women were weaving their own fabrics in the early 1800's, the tremendous time and energy needed to produce hand woven goods was generally not put into a luxury such as a quilt.

A home weaver would be more likely to weave a blanket or coverlet.

Generally, quilts were made by wealthier Americans on the Eastern Seaboard who had access to a tremendous variety of fabrics brought in by ship.

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What you might have seen prior to 1800 were quilted petticoats, worn for warmth.Backings were often of linen, which was considered a utility fabric.Early 1800's quilts were usually large (120 X 120), and often whole cloth quilts, or quilts of whole panels, such as the Tree of Life. Sometimes you would find quilts made of plain blocks (such as a simple Ohio star or nine patch) alternating with a plain block.Quilting was done in straight lines, often with double and triple quilting, although flowers, baskets, feathers and wreathes were not uncommon. The dye process was long and involved and colors changed depending on the mordents used.Home dyes used onionskin, nut shells and bark to create yellows, browns and greens, but they were not used as commonly as myth has it.

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