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The records were created from the inception of the RAF in April 1918.However, they include retrospective details of earlier service in the Royal Flying Corps or Royal Naval Air Service, where appropriate.During WWII conscription for women started in 1941 and there was a choice between the three Services, the land army or factory work – it applied between 20 and 30 years old.At its peak in 1943, the strength of WAAF numbers reached over 180,000.

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Look at the service records below of officer James Francis Mason (AIR 76/338/38) or officer Philip Young (AIR 76/567/11), which show what a typical service record looks like.

The brevet displays the Queen's crown to reflect the reign of Queen Elizabeth II.

Women are and have always been an integral part of the RAF.

Service record of James Francis Mason The records, in the form of double-sided sheets, were originally arranged in alphabetical order.

In many cases there is more than one sheet for an officer.

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