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The best way to create stability, show love, and help your child de-stress is to keep up routines, to the best of your ability. If your partner has children from a previous relationship, you may find that they resent you at first.

This is normal and natural: You have taken some of their parent’s attention away from them.

With her permission, I shared this with her mother, who, of course, was shocked.

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On that outing with my mother, it finally hit me: it simply was not possible for me to separate these two people well enough in my mind to choose. That was in the ’50s, and I was lucky in that I was able to drop the question and never had to make that choice—or have someone make it for me.Children know, in a way that is beyond words, that they are cherished when a parent sticks to the rules and dispenses discipline along with love.Though many children might find it fun for a while when schedules and routines blow away with the wind, ultimately this leads to feelings of neglect. A blended family is often the inevitable result of a dating relationship after divorce.We tend to assume our children “know” we love them, but, really, how are they supposed to know that if we don’t tell them?My children are adults, married with children, and I still tell them.

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