Dating a taurus woman Cairns adult chat

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They enjoy luxury and material comforts slightly more than the stoic and fiscally disciplined Capricorn.As earth signs, both Taurus and Capricorn are sensual creatures with a fondness for music, physical intimacy, good food and entertainment.More likely than not, Capricorn is just in love with their work and not another person.

They often look younger than they really are and may even act a bit immature.

As stated earlier, Taurus values security and stability highly and you won’t find a better provider of it than Capricorn.

Both Capricorn women and Capricorn men possess a kind of “paternal” or protective instinct that drives them to work hard to create a better life for them and their loved ones.

One of the things that makes Taurus fall in love with Capricorn is the gravitas and aura of maturity they exude.

Capricorns carry themselves with a certain dignity and composure that makes them appear wiser beyond their years.

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