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“His mom did something that REALLY bothered me these last few weekends.” “Oh no,” I set my coffee on the table and leaned in, almost as if J were really sitting across from me. After I told her my usual cooking menu, she told me that she would go to the store and buy vegetables for me. The next day I went to their house, and she had not one, but TEN tomatoes and EIGHT potatoes! My first shock of the ‘gift giving and receiving’ came in Japan, where going to anyone’s house empty handed (no matter the occasion) was almost as bad as leaving a bag of flaming poo at their doorstep. You always brought food/snacks, and they always brought it to you.“Did she say something about you being a foreigner? ” “Well at least you don’t have to buy tomatoes,” I laugh and take another sip of coffee. And since I was the only foreigner in town, I was treated like the emperor–the families in my community always sent me home with at least 10 boxes of food and 3 bottles of alcohol (sometimes food went to waste, but never the home-made sake).Aquarius men aren’t known to be the dad of the group.They’re fun-loving, adventurous, and all-around great guys, but they’re not ready to be serious with someone until they’ve done everything they wanted to do. Seems a bit random.” “She asked me if I cooked,” J begins. I feel really uncomfortable having her buy my food! I mean, what’s wrong with the ‘ol in-laws giving you some food?

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These Astro facts will let you know what’s going on in his head.If you make an Aquarius man happy, he’ll always remember you. If you’re into something they’re not, they won’t shame you for it; they’ll accept it and ask you to tell them more about it. They have unique views that make them seem fascinating to everyone around them. They don’t do this out of spite; they just love to see what their abilities are.Aquarius men can come across as distant and cold sometimes, but this is just because they’re deep thinkers. They want to know what they’re capable of, and they won’t stop trying to figure out just what that is.Being close to someone in a romantic way will be a new adventure for him.Aquarius men will never tell you if they’re scared, but they might be scared coming into something new and big like this.

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