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The instructions for the exercise in this how-to video are helpful for harmonica players of any level, and the exercise will help build your creativity. Playing the harmonica one hole at a time will be easy using the tips in this instructional video.

In a five-part how-to series on the classic blues harmonica instrumental by Magic Dick and the J. Your guide, Adam Gussow, has been wood shedding the tune for 33 years and is happy to share what he's learned, so you to can play this legendary piece.

Many people try to play blues harmonica without understanding the blues.

To play cross harp, you are playing the harmonica in a key other than the key in which the harmonica is labeled.This will help you create different songs and different types of sounds when you are playing. While this tutorial is geared towards intermediate players, beginners are certain to walk away with something.For more, and to get started playing in the high register of your own harmonica, just press play!Overblowing is a technique used to produce a different pitch by changing the direction of the wind. Then walk it down by drawing on the 2 and then drawing on the 1.Watch this how to video and you can produce these techniques on the harmonica. Then he goes on to play a riff where he blows on the 1 and 4 holes and covers the 2 and 3 with his tongue.

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