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The rape alone was not enough to traumatize Melanie.

“I called a friend to drive me to the police station, because I knew the stage where I had gotten the rider”, she said.

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“She always takes us out with her and the guys want to impress her, so they include us on the bill”. That is the solid belief that this lady upon whom they are showering their ‘love and affection’ not only owes them something, but will pay dearly for it in the future as well. Sheila Kagugube recounted an astonishing experience she had when a male friend offered her his house to live in as she was facing dire circumstances.

Prossy, a very skinny and plain looking girl from Northern Uganda, had been dating a lawyer for three years, but had always wondered why she never met his family or his friends.Jane learned she was pregnant in the final year of her university studies.Despite her mother’s pleas, her father, who ironically enough is a pastor, threw her out of the house.“I confronted him, and can you imagine what he told me? “He said there was no way in the world he could take someone like me to meet his mother.But he said he loved the way I ‘thought’ and could we still remain lovers in secret”?

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