Cougar and dating and articles

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The “cubs” are expected to vote on the woman they want to be crowned Miss Cougar Canada.“It’s the first one I’ve ever gone to. I’m just looking forward to having a really fun night.”“A lot of them are not as secure financially, so they can’t really do as much as I like to do, travel and take the time off.I’m self-employed, I’m used to doing things I like to do when I want to do them.Dating older women has become so popular it has created a shortage, according to the organizer of the first Cougar Convention in Toronto this Friday.Rich Gosse, who bills himself as America’s foremost authority on finding a romantic partner, claims Demi Moore and Madonna have made dating older women so socially acceptable that men who were once afraid to be caught dead with older woman are now flocking to them.“There’s not enough cougars to go around,” says Gosse, who has held cougar events across North American and Australia.Women in the low-fertility group (ages 27-45) were much more likely to report having more sex, wanting more sex, and having more (and more intense) sexual fantasies."If you're trying to maximize your remaining fertility, it makes sense to seek out a younger partner because his sperm is healthier," says lead researcher Judith Easton. One theory: The pairing dredges up associations with the incest taboo—a taboo that's ingrained across almost all cultures, says Christopher Ryan, author of S.

Men can reproduce late in life, so an older man with a nubile woman makes more evolutionary sense than an older woman with a man in his prime.The most recent one in Chicago drew 400 men and women.“In the olden days when we would do these cougar parties, we always got too many women, we couldn’t find any guys who were willing to come and date older women,” says Gosse.“They were too embarrassed to admit they were dating a woman as old as their mothers. Now, there’s actually a greater demand among the cubs for the cougars.”Actors Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore got the ball rolling with their May-December relationship, but Gosse believes it was baseball superstar Alex Rodriguez who made it even more socially acceptable, when it was reported in 2008 that he was in a relationship with Madonna that ended both their marriages. “If Alex Rodriguez, the 0 million-dollar man who can have any woman in the world he wants is dating a 50- year old woman, Madonna, there’s gotta be something to these cougars.He’s the one who made it socially acceptable to date an older woman and even brag to your buddies about it,” says Gosse.Despite heroic attempts to normalize the term, including a poorly received television series starring Courtney Cox, the word still seems to invite ridicule.

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