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I checkd to see if my other post made it and it did according to my dejanews forum window.

By the way, you mention that you don't use bound controls much. Do you just find it easier to stuff the values into the controls yourself or is it better performance?

Postal Code " & _ " FROM tbl* RIGHT JOIN " & _ " (tbl Address RIGHT JOIN tbl Child ON " & _ " tbl Address. Address ID) ON " & _ " tbl*.*ID = tbl Child.*ID " & _ " ORDER BY tbl Child. First Name" Primary keys: Tbl Child = Child ID Tbl* = *ID Tbl Address = Address ID The interesting thing is that, after I read your note, I thought, "OK just put tbl Child. Is it possible you have more than one field named First Name?

Address ID, then things went back to "normal" and at least display the records, although I still cant update the records. Thanks a million, Christine Thanks, I did that and now have a worse problem - Runtime error error 545: Unable to bind to field or datamember: 'First Name on the statement "First Name. I posted the original SQL in a post to someone else who had the same idea, if you'd be kind enough to look at it and see what you think. Christine Hi Christine, I am not currently seeing your other post (at least not under this thread or your name), the server I go through must not have picked it up yet...

or if you do have multiple firstname fields in your SQL statement, give them distinct names using the SQL keyword 'AS'.

I am using a ADO control to retrieve data from 2 tables on SQL Server 7.0.

Will any one please help me to solve this problem as soon as possible.

I still have to figure out how to update the fields in the tables that have the one of the one-to-many relationship, but I expected to have to deal with that.

With the ADO I was setting up the Datasource & Datafield properties in the code, but with the regular Data Control, I have to do it in design view.

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