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Suitable for sensitive dogs, it does not contain any yeast, gluten, wheat, dairy, lactose or genetically modified ingredients.

I trialled Rose-Hip Vital Canine on Soda over 3 weeks.

Simply add a scoop a day to your dog’s meal and get them active again!

Le magot qu’elle a reçu ne semble pas lui prendre la tête.

Pour son anniversaire, l’ancienne Escort girl de Khadafi qui compte mettre les petits plats dans les grands, a eu l’heureuse surprise de recevoir de la part de son petit copain, un ministre nigérien, la somme de 100 millions de francs.

Notre reporter qui s’étonnait de la somme s’est vu rétorquer par la charmante Karina que ce n’est pas la première fois qu’elle recevait de fortes sommes d’argent.



As the weather became cooler, I looked for signs of lameness and stiffness that usually accompanies the change of season, but on Rose-Hip Vital Soda was full of energy and ready to walk, run and play at a moments notice.

Rose-Hip Vital Canine is an all natural powder that you add to your dog’s food to improve their joint health and general wellbeing.

The powder is made from 100% natural Rosehip fruit farmed in the nutrient-rich soils of Denmark.

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