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Allow me to share some advice I’ve had to learn the hard way about communicating with women other than my wife.Here are 3 Don’ts and 3 Do’s for communicating with women other than your wife. Because when you complain about your wife, you’re dishonoring her; and also, because your wife didn’t give you permission.Getting her out of this addiction is not an easy thing and if need be, ask her to choose between you or the phone.ALSO READ: What you should know before dating a girl who has been emotionally abused As a man, you have to take control and bring sanity into your marriage.It all led to the destruction of our trust and the eventual destruction of our marriage.When you communicate with other women, are you potentially being foolish or are you being a good husband?Sometimes it seems as if she is chatting with men but when I ask her she says she is following things on some chat groups she belongs to.I feel bad because she seems to be addicted to chatting and I feel that we are losing our intimacy because of this.

If she is a good wife, she will definitely change but learn to understand each other.

Talk to her and be firm with her to make her understand how you feel.

Counselor’s Take: Lawrence, you may already be in a three-some with your wife and her phone, and this is a situation many people are finding themselves in this era of smart phones.

If you want your wife to respect you, you have to respect and protect her dignity.

Never disrespect your wife by talking negatively about her to another woman.

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