Chat room for bedwetters australia

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We know sometimes it's scary thinking about going to a doctor, and when bed wetting is an issue it can be embarrassing as well. (Not to be used as a substitute for your regular doctor. This site is always changing with idea's and suggestions from members like you.

The average child takes 10-12 weeks to become completely dry.

"My daughter will be 13 in June and is still wetting the bed.

We bought a wearable sound and vibrating alarm around 5 years ago and tried it then.

No one here is going to judge you or make fun of you for your post. We have a custom "Friend Finder Directory" for both people who suffer with bed wetting which is found by clicking The lists are broken down first by country, then by state and finally by city and are in alphabetical order. Be it others who know what it's like to cope with bed wetting like you.

And same goes for our AB/TB/DL members, to make friends who enjoy the AB/TB/DL lifestyle as much as you do.

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