Chat online with naughty girls

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Safe to say we ended up getting frisky in the frozen food section!

But growing up in the countryside, it’s very easy to get frisky anywhere - open fields, cars, tractors and stables have been some of the best places I’ve had sex.

Louis Cardona is a 32-year-old handyman from Clapham, London. When Love Island’s Jordan revealed he’d slept with over one hundred women I welcomed him to The Century Club. Why not try out the Star Baker sex position tonight which is guaranteed to have your man rising to the occasion.

Or, find out what your sleep position says about the strength of your relationship – and why it’s bad news if you snooze back-to-back.

If you would like to chat with these women, we are going to give you some tips in this page for you.

I hope you will able to meet with our guidance and you will meet with these women. If you know Albanian very well, so it won’t be problem for you too.

The randy trio are proud members of The Century Club and have got frisky in an array of weird and wonderful places, including the freezer aisle of a supermarket.

But how did they rack up their triple-figures, and what do women think about their jaw-dropping antics?

She knows all about my wild sexual adventures and laughs about the number of women I’ve slept with saying I’m just a "randy rabbit".

It was more like a hardcore work out trying to balance both our bodies, stay afloat, stay connected and catch a wave all at the same time.

Sex in the ocean with another girl in Greece proved disastrous for me.

It took me nine minutes between meeting a girl to having sex with her in a pool.

She was wild and we met up a couple of times afterwards. I try not to use cheesy chat up lines and normally smile and start talking to a lady but I've been known to say "I’m the Prince Charming of Cornwall" - that always gets a conversation started.

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