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I think just being honest and upfront in the text part of your profile is important. )Also, OLD sucks and takes time, so it could just be that... Try maybe putting that you’re 420 friendly or something but take out that you grow, and the pictures of your tents and see if you have any better luck.Are you a cannabis consumer looking to connect with another marijuana lover?Dabbling I'm fine with but most people underexaggerate. I don't really have advice, but I do feel your pain (in a way.) I'm not aware of a separate site. I’m 30F and live in a major city, most people I’ve met do, and the majority of my friends do as well.Wish there was one for people who want kids and people who definitively don't want kids, as well. I'm shocked at the amount of women who are against it I've met. Swimming through seas of people who don't have your same interests, weather it be pot or not wanting kids, sucks to deal with. I don’t have any recommendations for sites but my only thought is maybe you “over corrected” and swung from one extreme to the other.So here's my problem, I'm a 29 year old,good looking guy with great job.I just got out of a 7 year relationship a year ago, so I'm just getting into the dating game again. I'm surprised by this, I'm a 26/F and most of my girl friends smoke.Originally it was used as code amongst marijuana smokers.Today, it's prevalent with pretty much anyone who uses marijuana, although more so in North America.

I'm a girl, so I feel like they never expect it and I get a lot of people who unmatch after I ask if they are 420 friendly. I put it in my profile n basically stopped getting matches.

Inspired by hyper-targeted dating sites like JDate (for Jews) and Farmers Only (for…farmers), Harmon’s goal is to carve out an online dating niche for medical-marijuana patients, recreational smokers, and those who may not regularly smoke, but are open to and curious about marijuana.

The site is for everyone — gay or straight, young or old, those looking to hook up or to fall in love, anyone from anywhere, just as long as they give the “green” light.

The site will be hosted by a larger marijuana lifestyle website, Weed TV — a place to go for everything from political news about cannabis to a national directory of dispensaries.

While “M-Date” will be competing with other marijuana dating sites, such as the Los Angeles–based My420Mate, Harmon also plans to include a relationship blog, expert love advice, local meet-ups, seminars, and personal counseling for “M-Date” members from all over the country.

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