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She's saying she's had that scar from before, which seems to be true after looking at a few of her pictures. Even a "b*tch" doesn't deserved to be physically abused like what Rihanna had gone through. Her comment seemed to have came out of nowhere but this is media.If she didn't hit him, he had no effing right to hit her. When any guests at any radio station is to be interviewed on radio, the guest is always briefed on what the guest does and does not want to mention.

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Her uncalled for public remark diss of Andrew shows her mentality. I'd be doubly insulted being linked to a woman who doubles as a speed bag and she sits on Chris Brown's car keys after taking them out the ignition instead of getting the hell out the car, so he worked on his combinations to get her to give up the keys. Add our Los Angeles Lakers Blog RSS Feed, the Lakers Rumors RSS Feed, the Lakers News RSS feed, and the Lakers Forum RSS feed to get the latest Laker News and Rumors and Lakers Game info in your RSS/XML reader!

I responded to both you and Wt SF, but I was simply making a general statement. I never said that you said she deserved to be physically abused. When you said, "Come on now guys", followed by a long explanation for why women don't deserve to be abused, it sounded like you were suggesting we had said she deserved to be beaten up. I was merely disagreeing with the implication of those statements and posted my POV, not saying that you're endorsing physical abuse. It's getting really foolish to continue this nonsense. This is always procedure in order to save or protect face in terms of PR (public relations).

I couldn't care less one way or the other, but I thought the deal was that Drew supported her as a friend during that really tough time in her life and there was nothing more to it. Whether Rhianna's insult was a slip up or prompted, her motive was clearly to dispel any rumor or thought in relation to AB. The Big Oak Tree must have given her THE BIG OAK TREE.....

I couldn’t believe they insulted me like that.” Why would she say something like that? Or maybe he is less than enough scumbag to suit her tastes. Had his head questioned by his manager and general manager. It's especially wack considering there are videos out there where Bynum doesn't say anything bad about her nor does he ever claim he's dating her or anything.

Wouldn't a simple, "No, I am not dating him," be sufficient? After all, she likes to date guys who beat her around like a low rent whore. She also said something about supposedly Bynum had said that they had met or talked or whatever, and denies that.

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