Briggs and stratton engine dating

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The specification and code number together are known as the PRODUCT NUMBER.

All Subaru 4 cycle engines have a Product Number label similar to the labels illustrated below.

For each model there may be many different versions called specifications. The difference may only be the paint color or it may have a different type of PTO or some other significant difference.

Is there a way to get a bit closer to the actual date?The location of the 5 to 6 digit Model Number and 6 digit Type Number varies by engine series.On some models the numbers are stamped directly into the metal on the engine and on some newer models the numbers can be found on a sticker attached to the engine.5908010), accompanied by a small tag for the sequential # placed below the stamped #s.Also, on series 60000, the cylinder bore size was 2-5/16" (as with the prior 6B and 6BH) on units made before serial no. 140000, 141000, 142000, 143000 = these 5 to 6 hp medium-frame aluminum engines, available in horizontal and vertical shaft, began production in September of 1958 (series 141000, with the Sleeve-Bore cast-iron cylinder lining, came first; series 140000, with the Kool-Bore cylinder lining, were produced starting in mid-1962), and had assumed the old-style sequential serial # until August 1, 1964 (one year after B&S adopted a new-style type-trim # format of XXXX-XX), then used the YYMMDDP date code format afterward.

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