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We caught up with finalists following the qualifier. The biggest challenge of a lifetime, new experiences and pure riding pleasure: the International GS Trophy is and will always be a legend of Enduro-adventures. The unknown is exactly what inspires you to get up, get out and go, far, far away, and not just on paved roads.

To win one of the coveted places in team USA, take part in the national qualifier on May 31 - June 2 in California City, CA and experience the ultimate offroad adventure.

More than a dozen teams from all over the world are meeting again in 2020.

The riders are in for a treat as this year's venue is New Zealand.

These outstanding finalists are aircraft saleswoman Kandi Spangler (43) from Colorado and retired police detective Lisa Taylor (47) from Arizona.

Representing the men are finalists is sales engineer Harrison Kendrick (22) from North Carolina and Californians Chris Johns (34) and Kevin Jones (41).

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