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The law is there to protect young people, not punish them.

It’s natural to feel good when someone is saying nice things to you, especially when you’re feeling bad about yourself or how you look.

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If you’re not ready to do that, you can always speak to Childline.It’s never okay for someone to ask for naked or sexual pictures from someone under the age of 18. It’s illegal to take, have or share any sexual images of anyone under 18 (even if the image is of yourself).This might sound scary, but you’re very unlikely to get into trouble with the police for sending the images.Even when someone is being nice to you, it’s not okay for them to pressure you to send a nude. If anyone is pressuring you into sexting, you can use Childline’s app, Zipit to reply.You might also find it useful to find out about healthy and unhealthy relationships.

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