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Daters are gay, straight, bi, across the age spectrum and – remarkably for a reality show – not terribly self-conscious and desperate to marry.Of course, there's still a cute, bland heterosexual white guy who works in real estate.“It’s not ‘someone finding the love of their life and and proposing at the end,” Culvenor says.Instead, the show tries to capture a feeling of what it's like to date: “a kaleidoscope about what it’s like to be single in the modern world.” Each episode centers on a single “hero,” as Culvernor calls the main girl or guy, from a quirky Caucasian tech recruiter to a hip “gaysian” set designer.’s awful new “Dating: #No Filter”), worth watching this Valentine’s Day.Real singles don’t spend their first dates in hot-air balloons or on shopping sprees.Everything to do with me and not you.” And later: “I hate this (crap).” Dating may be terrible; but “Dating Around” reminds viewers that there can be beauty in the search.

At a time when dating has become an exercise in app roulette, with infinite options to swipe but the same awkward first-date hurdles, “Dating Around” captures the uncertain search for connection: no smug host, cheesy music or probing confessionals required.But most of the show's leads choose someone to see again, and sometimes those choices seem arbitrary.Senior widower Leonard, trying to explain why he doesn’t want a second date with one woman, says, “It’s just a feeling.The hero in each episode wears the same clothes and goes to the same restaurant for each of their dates, so it appears to be one long speed-dating session.Because first dates often have the same talking points – work, family, tattoos and the awful “why are you single” question – the format fits.

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