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In fact, the grocery store rivals bars as being a good place to find someone “date-worthy.” Visit for more information.Dating While Sober: How to Pass Up Booze Without Passing on Love it comes to dating, “let’s grab a drink” is often the go to first date invitation.Being sober will probably increase the number of awkward pauses.We’re sharper and more present when we’re not drinking, which can actually be used as an advantage to navigate conversation and ask the other person about themselves. The majority of first dates that extend into the wee hours of the morning are alcohol-fueled and can lead to unintended sexual activity.

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For approximately 30-million Americans who identify as recovering from alcohol abuse, dating while sober is often a tricky reality.Many confuse infatuation with love, so it’s a good idea to take it slowly.Make sure that you are at a place emotionally that can handle all of the new feelings that come with dating, and be prepared if relationships don’t go the way you expect.Simply saying that you no longer drink alcohol is enough in the beginning.When you get to know someone better then share your story from a place of an achievement you’re proud of.

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