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Conversely, losses reduce a credit union's ability to do those things.

On Bankrate's earnings test, PATELCO scored 18 out of a possible 30, beating out the national average of 10.11.

With 635 full-time employees, the credit union holds loans and leases worth .37 billion.

PATELCO's 325,377 members currently have .24 billion in shares with the credit union.

On Bankrate's asset quality test, PATELCO scored 40 out of a possible 40 points, exceeding the national average of 38.09 points.

A below-average ratio of problem assets of 0.00 percent in our test was potentially indicative of greater financial strength than other credit unions.

If you let the excitement of car buying take over, you may end up with a car payment that makes it impossible for you to afford other fun things like vacations or new outfits.

In this test, Bankrate tries to determine the impact of problem assets, such as unpaid mortgages, on the credit union's loan loss reserves and overall capitalization.When you are making your car budget, keep in mind that you'll also need to include money for car insurance, maintenance, repairs, and gas.It's a good idea to have money set aside to cover emergency situations.Capital is an essential measurement of a credit union's financial resilience.It works as a cushion against losses and as protection for members when a credit union is experiencing financial trouble.

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