Arrow dating

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100 years later, Oliver is set to go through high school once more, this time with daughter Mia, brother Tommy, and witchy sister-in-law Laurel by his side.None of them are prepaired to run into their Felicity, a technicaly inclined girl who has no memory of her previous life and family.Then one day in walks Felicity Smoak, local mob boss.She is looking to change her ways, to escape the violence and death that has been her reality for far too long.(Canon divergence for both Arrow and the MCU) The universe is a funny thing.It follows strange rules that no one is fully aware of. Worked to get her dual masters from MIT, it may have taken longer being a mother of triplets but at least she has her mother’s support. A few too many mimosas leads to a chance meeting and a case of mistaken identity for our favorite couple.

He has finally settled into a normal life and his practice is going well.A long time ago Felicity Smoak was happily married to mythical husband Oliver Queen and newborn daughter.Then their family is torn apart by death and tragedy. She really wants a shot at winning a grant from Queen Consolidated for her up and coming startup Smoak Technologies. Felicity scored a coveted invitation to Moira Queen’s annual brunch.

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