Armless women for dating

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"The man being a nice fellow stops and gives the woman a hug.

As the man is walking away the woman says, "Excuse me sir!

I immediately get my rocks off." "At first I was very self-conscious about my missing leg, but after two men told me that my amputee status was what turned them on originally, I realized that missing a leg was actually a great advantage and attracted some very nice men." "My girlfriend loves to straddle the stump of my amputated left leg and rub her pussy on it until she has an orgasm." All of the above quotes are from an extremely interesting and interested group of people—amputees and amputee lovers.

Show less No matter how many times I hear it, the term "amputee sex fetish" always brings a smile to my face.

The things people say: "When my girlfriend comes hopping out of the bathroom with her beautiful stump protruding six inches below her baby-doll nightie, my cock immediately roars to attention." "Sitting in the movies, my wife removes her prosthesis and then lets me caress and fondle the stump of her right leg while she plays with my cock.

I'm sorry but I have never been kissed before, can you kiss me too?

"The man is irritated but still a genuine guy so he bends over and gives her a kiss.

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