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*bang* I never met an OG who never did shit wrong you tried to dis the Eazy-E so now Nigga it's on you and you Doggy Dogg, think your all honk and shit both of you bitches, can come and suck my Doggy's dick beatin a bitch don't make you shit, but then agian some Niggaz think it makes a man, Damn it's a trip how a Nigga could switch so quick from wearin lipstick to smokin on Chronic at picnics, and now you think your bigger but to me you ain't nothin but a bitch ass Nigga who ain't worth a food stamp, but at Deat Row, i hear your gettin treated like Boot camp gotta follow your seargents directions, or get your ass pumped with a Smith and Wesson, learn a lesson from the E Stay in your place and don't step to Real motherfuckin G's Yo Dre, What's up?

) *bang* Boy you should have known by now, Eazy duz it....

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I did not believe it first, but finally, I was convinced it was true.

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Real muthaphuckkin G's Real muthaphuckkin G's Real Muthaphuckkin G's Hey, yo, doctor Here's another proper track And it's phat, watch the sniper Time to pay the piper And let that real shit provoke So you's a wanna be loc And you'll get smoked And I hope that your fans understand When you talk about spraying me The same records that you making Is paying me Motherfuck Dre Motherfuck Snoop Motherfuck Death Row Gentlemen, here comes my left blow Cause I'm the E-A-Z-Y-E And this is the season To let the real motherfucking G's in You're like a kid You found a pup And now you're dapper But tell me where the fuck You found an anorexic rapper Talking about Who you go squabble with And who you shoot You're only sixty pounds When you're wet and wearing boots Damn, E, they tried To fade you on Dre Day But Dre Day only met Eazy's pay day All of a sudden Dr.

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Verse One Hey Yo doctor, here's another proper crack and it's phat, watch the sniper, time to pay the piper and let that real shit provoke, so you's a wanna be 'loc and you'll get smoked and i hope that your fans understand when your talk about playin me, the same records that your makin' is payin me Motherfuck Dre Motherfuck Snoop Motherfuck Death Row Yo, and here comes my left blow 'cuz i'm the E-A-Z-Y-E, and this is the season to let the Real motherfuckin G's in, your like a kid found a pup and now your dapper, but tell me where the fuck you found an anorexic rapper talkin 'bout who you go squabble with and who you shoot you're only 60 pounds when your wet and wearin boots damn E, they tried to fade you on Dre Day But Dre Day only met Eazy's pay day all of a sudden Dr Dre is a G thing, but on his old album cover he was a she thing so Nigga please, Nigga please don't step to these motherfuckin' Real G's Yo Dre, what's up? *bang* Now take it to the rapper, claimin to be dapper then the Dresta, smoother then a bitch but Dre's a rollin gangster, ain't broke a law in your life, yet every time you rap you yap about the guns and knifes, just take a good look and the Nigga, and you'll capture the fact, that the bastard is simply just an actor, who mastered the bang and the slang and the Mental, of Niggaz in Compton, wattz, and South Central never ever once have you ran with the turf, yet in every verse you claim you used to do the dirt, but tell me who's a witness to your fuckin work, so ya never had no buiness, so save the drama jerk, Niggaz straight kill me knowin that they pranksters, this is going out to you studio gangsters,see i did dirt, i did work, so many Niggaz can vouch that, so since i got stripes i got the right to rap about that, but Niggaz like you i gotta hate ya, i'm tired of Suburbian Niggaz talkin about they comin from projects knowin you ain't seen the parts of the streets G think you tryin bang around the time of the peace treaty wearin khackis and ya mob while ya ryhme, little fag tried to sag, but he's gettin flooded at the same time, and you set don't accecpt you, so your scared to kick it with your homies 'cuz you know they don't respect you, So Nigga please check nuts before you step to these, motherfuckin Real G's Verse Three Well, it the Knocc Out, definition orginal baby gangster approach me like you hard, motherfucker i'mma bank you shank you, with my fuckin shank, if i havta Dr Dre an Snoop Dogy Dogg are fuckin actors pranksters, studio gangsters, busters but this time yer dealin with some real motherfuckers G's, Nigga please, don't try to step because if you do, and i pill cap is all that would be left see, young Niggaz like me, will break you off somthin, claimin my city, but Dre you ain't from Compton Niggaz like ya'll is what i call Wanna be's it aint shit compared to Real Motherfuckin' G's funky is this track... However, I have already known that there are dating sites that are reliable and free.So, I`ve actually surfed dozens of sites and selected the best ones which are absolutely free and trustworthy. So that it will be easy for you to find the best partner for an unforgettable sex, I`ve the scoured the Web and selected five best free fuck dating sites. All of them have thousands and millions of active users and fantastic filtering options to narrow down your preferences.Take up this super easy and fun quiz and test your skills. I`ve recently faced a problem what website to choose to find a partner for casual sex.

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