Apple tv podcasts not updating

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You can validate your feed by going to a feed validator. If it’s not, look at the “errors” shown and fix them yourself — or you can contact your podcast hosting and distribution company’s help desk for help.

Here are two of my favorites: Go to either of those feed validators, enter your RSS feed, and press “Enter.” These feed validators do their thing and give you a yes or a no on whether or not your feed is valid. These folks are there to help you fix these feed errors, use them.

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All people searching for your podcast can find it and see your latest episode.

From the dropdown menu in the top-left corner choose My Podcasts. At the bottom left of that page there is an option to Refresh Feed, click on that. That is what most podcast hosting support teams will tell you to do.

And speaking of podcast hosting support teams, here is the final step.

All other directories, Spotify, Overcast, i Heart Radio, etc., are also getting your latest episode. As robust as RSS feeds are, sometimes they can be easily broken.

My suggestion is that you validate your feed every time that you publish a new episode. It will take you seconds to do, and also save you time in troubleshooting when things happen to go wrong.

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