Aol 9 5 restarting issue updating

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It just started doing this one day and never stops.The reboots happen many times a day regardless of what I’m doing.Random reboots may have different causes and proper observation on the part of the user is the key to knowing what the problem really is and how to fix it.

Here’s how…My Galaxy Note 5 is just a few months old but now it’s restarting like hell many times a day.After digging a bit about the issue, I have realized that the problem is with our very old Windows Update.What’s happening is that in order to download updates for the OS, the updater updates itself. So, the solution to this problem is to just regenerate the Software Distribution packages in Windows update.There are no error messages, it just turns off and turns back on without apparent reason.This is the first time that this happened so I’m really at a loss here.

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