Anthony rapp dating anyone

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“One of my very best friends is a huge, longstanding Trek fan, and he’s gay, and he’s told me how long it’s been since Trek fandom has been wanting this, and asking for it,” Rapp said.

“We don’t take the responsibility lightly.” By “we,” Rapp is referring to himself and the actor Wilson Cruz, who plays his life partner, Dr.

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Playing Brad, he notes, was a “really, really intimate and vulnerable” experience.

But since joining the show, I did a deep-dive, and watched a ton of series.

As an out LGBT actor himself, Rapp is very aware of the responsibility of playing such a significant role.

So it’s this really cool coincidence that he’s getting to play Dr. I just feel really fortunate that I get to share this experience with someone that I know, and that we have a good friendship and bond already.”canon, which he dropped in a scene in episode five, alongside the character of cadet Tilly (Mary Wiseman).

“It was really fun, because it felt really true,” he said of the moment. We were very aware that, ‘Yeah, this is the first one.’ If you’re going to drop the F-bomb on , make sure you drop it during a scientific breakthrough!

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