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The presented information was accurate at the time of filming.

After the success of Season 12, The Race earned itself a permanent spot in CBS's Sunday night lineup.

Though an overall weak season (being the only one of Seasons 12-17 to not have a representative for Unfinished Business), and having the disadvantage of being sandwiched between two much more popular seasons, it does have some positives, such as the high amounts of comedy that came from watching Dan & Andrew shock everyone by bumbling their way into the Final 3, and episode 9, the leg where Dan tried his hand at marching, is one of the best individual episodes in the series.

A Dallas Cowboy cheerleader and her actor brother, they were the first dominant team to win the Race.

For its first season in its new permanent spot, the Race submitted an underwhelming effort, with a cast that was not as charismatic as hoped, and a predictable, boring end result.

Nick & Starr dominated most of the season, and, for the first time in the show's history, said dominant team won with little-to-no threat posed by the other teams.

Long distance dating couple, the Race was the first time they had spent more than a few days together.

Poor navigation caused them to fall behind in New Zealand, and though they were saved from elimination that leg by Marisa & Brooke's even worse navigation, it left them far enough behind starting the next leg that they missed the equalizing flight into Cambodia.

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Vegetarian Terence quickly realized he was in over his head when he saw the Fast Forward involved eating meat, but by the time they gave up and returned to the Roadblock it was too late, they were too far behind to catch Andrew & Dan, even with the boys' navigation problems and being forced to go back and run the route to the Pit Stop after taking an illegal cab, and they were eliminated in 5th.

Friends and Divorcees, though they actually had somewhat strong racing abilities, this was negated by their frequent failure to notice the most obvious things.

In fact, their inability to Read The Freaking Clue was only slightly more infamous than their sour attitudes, which caused them to get on the nerves of the other teams.

Dallas spent much of the season flirting with Starr, a relationship that was complicated by him and his mother being Nick & Starr's biggest threat near the end of the season.

However, in the process of completing the Stalin/Lenin statue counting Roadblock in Moscow, Dallas left their fanny pack, containing all their money and passports, on the floor of his cab, and with no money they were not able to make it to the Pit Stop to complete the leg, as Phil came out onto the course to eliminate them in 4th place.

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