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If he's in any way physically abusive, you move out and get a divorce. == == The Bible refers to a Christian's relationship as a bride and groom so the fundamental part is that marriage is meant to be. I realize it would be hard to stay with someone that there is no affection with anymore but if you are still close and have put up with it this long is it really worth leaving to be alone… Eviction is the removal of a tenant by the landlord through a judicial procedure.

God also created a woman in order to complete man so that also supports the marriage part. Seeing As Im Not Married, I Don't Know Where You're Coming From. You should consult with an attorney or legal advocate at the court to determine what your options legal are for removing your spouse from the premises. The second state will recognize the first marriage.

Love and attraction are two separate things, but they function together and intertwine as one.

If you're not attracted to him at the moment, it could be a number of things including mood, circumstance, hormones, bad habits, etc.

Marriages that started out with a couple in love can be good or bad, depending on the couple. personally Id say that marriage for love is great, but then the love can die so they get divorced, unless they've been together for a few years then i guess they know they gonna stay together for the long haul.

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i think its the friendship one has to himself...a lonely person sometimes hides in himself.trusts in can be the other way round...having jus one trusted friend...Some Examples: Good sex (like he's the best lover you've ever had -- the key to his fulfillment) Letting him be your hero (he needs to be -- and needs to feel like he can solve some of your problems and ''save'' you once in a while) Appreciation (like his efforts and hard work make a…No--because he's using the other person as a temporary balm for his issues, instead of actually dealing with the problems in his marriage. Some occupations would be in the area of a Physiologist specializing in a particular field like; marriage, family, addictions, communications. Partners deciding to have children must test for HIV. It was considered important because the spouses should be Rhesus Positive, if both partners are negative which is very rare, it might cause some problem during pregnancy.

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    “The pool of potential spouses in urban areas in the U. tends to be a bit more diverse in terms of race and ethnicity than the pool in rural areas, so that fact in and of itself can increase the likelihood of intermarriage.” Livingston cites the example of Honolulu, where 42 percent of newlyweds are intermarried and the population is 42 percent Asian, 20 percent white, and 9 percent Hispanic.

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    ~Bob Hope Our birthdays are feathers in the broad wing of time.