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Maintain attribution Tht Goog Xt "watermark" you see on each file is essential for in forming people about this project and helping them find additional materials through Google Book Search. Keep it legal Whatever your use, remember that you are responsible for ensuring that what you are doing is legal. Since Teunemaun's ifanval (1812, 6th edition by Weiid, 1829),* no Tork has appeared so veil adapted to meet the wants of stndent B. The Peiipatetica 1BD-1S5 Tiii BD Diri Bioii: STOici Bif, BPictnoi Axisii, i^n) brepticibii. In the ca Ae of philoeophical doctrines which are no longer before us in the original langnage of their authore, those " reports " are to be held most authentic which are based immediately on the writings of the philosophers, or in which the oral deliverances of the latter are communicated by immediate disciples. It is not founded in all parts on original historical iovestigatio Q, but it contains much that {b very soggeatlve. Some- what moro ooosiiler Bble may liave been the iofiuctice on tlie Greeks or the early aatronomv- cal (^na of the Egyptians, and perhaps also of their geological ob Berrationa and apeculatioas. But that Pylbagoras, and perhaps also Koipodocles, appropriated to themsel Tca ^^tlan dot^nea and usagea directly from Kgypt, that possibly Anaiegoras, or perhapa even Hennotimus, his pred^ feasor, came in contact n'ith Je^s, that Thales, as alao, at a later epoch, Democritus, sought and found io Egypt or In Babylonia material Tor acientiflc theories, that Heraiditus was led to some of his speculations by a knowledge of Parseeien, and that therefore tfaa Liter philosophers, so far as they join on to these, were indirectly (Plato elso directly) affected in the shaping of their doctrines by Oriental influeuces, is quite conceivable, and Bome of these hypotheses have no alight d^^ree of probability. The pliilo Bophy of the earlier looic physiologists is Hylozo- ism, i. Tba ad Tantafa of thia rafonu mnld be peatcr ■a la tba danaraatloa of tba aaaaoaa ttm St^^ & I), that he taught the Egyptian prieatl how to neaaure at any tinte the height of the pyramids by their ihadowa preauppoae* that be was acqualnlad with the theorem of the proportionality of the aidea of aimilar trianglo B. On the begin- ningi of geometry among the Egyptlani, cf. Living beings arose by gradual development out of the elementary moisture, nnder the influence of heat.

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For the Second and Third Parts, special notes, modificationa, and additions were forwarded by the author. Begioninga of Greek Philompliy in Greek Poetry and Proverbial Wisdom , 24-36 § 9. Anaximimderof Uiletus 3^-31 Digitized bv Go O^^IC XU CX)HTENTS. ABfliimenea of Milotu H and Diogenes of Apollonia 37-a8 g 15. Heraditui doea not dlattnguiah from his cosmos Um diviiie and etenuil, as Bcanethuig lepanble from it The Myoi or Uie eternal, •11-embradttg order (jt-^/i^ iuai, ti/tap/iivg, n vtptixur i/af i/r/aiv n if mi fpcv^p^, h Zc is. Of this work considerable fragmente sm Bti U extant ; yet it is very doabtfnl whether the work is genoinfl or a coanterleit, dating at the latest fi-om the last centary before Christ, and on]j po»- seau Dg a certain importance aa an anthority in regard to auci^t Fythagoreanism, from its having been partially founded on earlier anthoritie B. That the theory of a counter-earth (av Tix^M) under the earth and the motion of both around a central &r«, really belongs to the alder Pytha* goreo DS, we know (apart t Vom the at leaat doubtf^il Philolaua-Fragmenta) from Aristotle (De Cmiii, II. 39) attributes to him, on the authority of Theophrastus, the doctrine that the earth moves eiraan aaem. , yiyvtai^ n aol i JJjia^ai, etc., could be emended (aa Is done bj Oladiach, who ■eeka in it an analogue to the Mqja of tlie Hindus) ao aa to read: rp wivi' trap tarh^ Farmenidea would tipfem as hs Ting explained the plurality and change attested by tfaa •Bnaes, as a dream of the one true eojatenoe. Afrig./ragm Kiiatd.,pratiiit—Miiipidee Ht i Hj Mt, Bonn, last; W.

Usage guidelines Google is proud to partner with libraries to digitize public domain materials and make them widely accessible. Eclectidsm.— Qcero.— The Settians 217-222 THIRD PEEIOD OP GEEEK PHILOSOPHT. The Eclectic Platonists 234-238 TBIKD division: HEO-PLAIOHIBU. The method of fonnal criticism, which triea the special doctrines of a system by its own assumed principle, and this principle itsel T by its capacity of development and application, has heen employed by Schleiermacher (par- ticularly in his "Critique of Previotis Ethics") and his successors (espedally by Brandis; less by Bitter, who is more given to " material " critidsin). The history of ph Uosophy shows "t)\^uta Joii M pk Soeop Kiat ectmpla,'' Keo-Platom the Kantian itand-polnt. Oumpo Bch, who brings the national element especially into prominence, proceeds [U more carenilly. c.) Buddhism, which was an attempt at a moral reformation, hostile to castes, but the source of a new hierarchy. Qpeftvovf fiioao^t'eva f tori iraaav aipleani Vir)j(o(, Origenit i^fio Mfi Awncna, tive Omnium Baeretium Sefitta Ho, e eodiee Farumo mme primam ed. The otdy question can be whether and In what measure Oriental relijnous ideas occasioned in the apeculation of Grecian thbhera (especially on the subject of God and tlie human soul) * deviation from the national type of Hellenic culture and gave it its direction toward the invisible, the inexperimental, the transcendent (a movement which culminated In Pytba- goreanism and Platonism).

Public domain books belong to the public and we are merely their custodians. THB irao-FLAT^siera akd tbbik PBEOECESsoiia, os predoxinasce or ni Eoso Pirr. Divisions of the Tlurd Period 222-223 FIBSr DIVISION; JBWIGH'ILZZAKDBIAN PHILOSOPDT. Aristobulus and Ph Uo 223-233 BBCOSD DITIBIOM; ITBO-PITIUOOIIEAIIISU AXD BCLKCTIC PLATOSMH. Last of alt, the speculative method has been adopted by Begel ^n his "Bistory of Philosophy and Ph Qoso^y of Hia- toiy ") and by his school. In big Judgmenti, the meaturiu^ rod of the Eontian Critique of the Beaaon ia often applied with too little allowaiice to Qm earlier ETStems, although III prlnc^de, the fdea, alreadj •zprea B^d br Eant, of "tlie gradual derelopmeat of the reason in its striving after edenoe," la not foreign to him. Oot Uieb Tennemann, Oraodri M dor Oathlchtt der Ph Oetopkie far den akademia^at Untaric M, lat ed., Leips. 1SS9; the laa C three editions re Tised bf Amsdoua Weadt. Emat Eeinhold, Handbueh der a Ogemtinm Qaehichia d.r Phihtophie, 3 parts in 3 vol&, Ootha, 1628-31). The ataod-point here is the Bpeculativ«,cli M*e«ert Ead above, g3. Its fcdtower B were required to make it their supreme aim to rise above the checkered world of chan^ng appearance, with its pain and t^ pleasure. Omqtendivm Bitbmat Fhilotophieae Antiguae vice FKilotophm Txena, gnat nifr Origett U wnr Una dro Bt^tryntm; ed. In later antiquity, Jews, Neo-Fythagoreana, Neo-Platonista, and Christialis unhiltorically over-estimated the influence of the Orient in this regard.

Copyright infringement liabili^ can be quite severe. The undersigned pi-opoae to publish a select and compact Library of Text and Reference Booke upon all the main departments of Theology and Phi-' lo Mtphy, adapt«I(lr)i ftm Itw Jouilti Ccnu R Ctitia R.j GEO. The various systems are given, as far as possible, in the phraseology of their authors, and this imparts variety to the style. The undersigned selected it as the beet work with which to begin the philo- sophical division of their proposed Library, sftar a Ai U comparison of it with other works of its class, and upon consultation with those best qualified to judge about its merits. Ob the Iltontim ct lit Iilitar; at i AI1o*Dph T, eonpi H nptelillj Job. a) arranged most of the Platonic Dialogues in Trilogies, placing the o Uiers after them ns separate works (a part of his supplement to the n-iwur; ct Callima c hus ; see Nauck's Sammlang dcr fr Offtnmle da Aristopfiana turn .fl^soni). Dt Titu, eti\, ex Ba Udi nadidbut nunc primum exaurii rtemra U C. Tbe fundamental doctrine of Iiia philosophy of nature is tbns expressed : Water is the original source of ail things. 33), that, provided the mixture asserted by Anu- agoras be conceived as one aubstance, undeterminod in Idod and quantity, It fonoa an ireipov like that of Anazlmander (« dl ric r^ jd^tv riiv airdvrwv vm Aijioi /dav dvat fbaa i Spurrov xal no:' i Wof col cord ^j-rfoj, — ^wriu ri 'ou/iaraid eroixeia Tiapaw Tjiaiot miiir 'Avaftftivipv), ia deddodly &vorable to the second Tiew.

About Google Book Search Google's mission is to organize the world's information and to make it universally accessible and useful. It is more oondse than Ritter*s General Sutory, and more full and authentic than 8ohwegler*s Ou Uine, which was first pr^ pared for an Encyolopndia. Janiltu, St Sc Hptar Vmi Btt- ttrlat Philotait Bk Ll Ilt); iteoe MIt ictionnair« Mt Utrigue et Critique, let ed., Botterd. [English trana U- Ho D by Birch and Lockmao, London, IT31-3S, Sd ed., l T3S-3a — Ih] This vary compre- henaive woric deserres to be mentioiied here on acoonnt of tiie Brticles it contains on the history of philosophy, Bayle contributed easentially to the awakening of the spirit of i DTeatigation in this depariment of stady. Be- sides Eratosthenes, the following pereons wrote either expressly or inddenta Dy of the Uvea and auccessioh of the philosophers and of their works and doctrines : Nesnthes of Cyxicas (about 240 B. ill Pergamus, and wrote /avauti and- mpl M6fur avipav), Antigoons Carys Ou B (about J! c), the Callimadiean (and Peripatetic), who, like Aristophanes of Byzantium in other departments, fttmisbed in his biographioo-literary opuscules, which werv only too abundant in fables (irtpl tup ao^, ircp Z fi&yuv, wif H 'nv9af6pov, wcfl 'Aptararfiot^, mpl Oto^f/darov, pim\ a supplement to the irivow; of Callimachus (from wkii^ Favoiinua and, indirectly, Dli^nes Laertius drew largely), Sotion the Peripatetic (about 190 *.ti^ mft 6u MAoxia Tim ^i3jnd oo Dtemporarj of Polybius, waa probebly tbe author of the ^iiaoi^uv ita Soxai, to which Dic^nes Laertius otten alludes. The com- meatat7 of Henagius on Diogenes Lafrtius appeared first in 16t S. Oabr, Cobet Aectdunt Ofympiedori, Amnwaii, Jamblichi, Forphj/rii et aliorum Viiat i%itmf, Aritto Mt, Ff/tka^iirae, Ptotini tt Indori, Ant Walermiaaia, et Marini vita Proe H, J. Tbe later philosopher, Hippo of Samos, or of Bheginm, a physiciat of tbe time of Pericles, also saw in water, or the moist, the principle of all things. Aod this view alona accords with the logical consequence of the system.

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