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The female-specific isoform specifies the splicing of its own transcript, thereby initiating a positive autoregulatory feedback loop leading to female development pathway.

The female-specific isoform controls the sex-specific splicing of transformer (TRA); acts as a translational repressor for male-specific lethal-2 (MSL-2) and prevents male-less (MLE), MSL-1 and MSL-3 proteins from associating with the female X chromosome.

Expression of the embryo-specific isoform is under the control of primary sex-determining signal, which depends on the ratio of X chromosomes relative to autosomes ( X: A ratio).

Expression occurs in 2X:2A cells, but not in X:2A cells.

Uniquely among sex-determination genes, after responding early in development to the primary sex-determination signal (the X: A ratio), Sxl maintains its own activity state as well as that of the downstream genes with which it interacts.

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It is required in a cell-autonomous fashion for both germ-line and somatic female development.

It controls dosage compensation in females by suppressing hyperactivation of X-linked genes.

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