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Some of the ideas discussed in this blog are published in my new book called "The Stonehenge Bluestones" -- available by post and through good bookshops everywhere. To order, click I've been looking at the film called "Stonehenge -- Secrets of the Stones." Thanks to Pete for drawing attention to it.

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Thus, even if it is considered that the bluestones were moved by human transport, the Chlorine-36 dates do not tell us at what era that movement might have taken place. Chlorine-36 dating British ice-sheets, Abstracts of the American Geophysics Union, 1994 Fall Meeting: 226.

However, it is not possible to tell if this is an original exposure date, or if the fragment was brought to Salisbury Plain by ice 400,000 years ago or earlier, and was subsequently buried within superficial deposits on Salisbury Plain for part of its history.

Or it could have been broken off a larger erratic lying on Salisbury Plain, by natural processes such as frost shattering.

It is in my view entirely useless -- we do not know where the sample came from either at Stonehenge or at the place of its origin. Age and geomorphic history of Meteor Crater, Arizona, from cosmogenic [36] and [14] in rock varnish, Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 55: 2695-8.

Unless you know precisely where a sample came has come from, ie what its exposure to cosmic radiation and weathering might have been over many thousands of years, you can say NOTHING reliable or scientific about the age of the stone surface you are purportedly dating.

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