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It showed that the dog drank from water in the Vale of York area.

They also believe that the dog would have looked similar to a modern Alsatian with wolflike features.

Jacques argued that the dog was domesticated, part of a human tribe, and most likely used for hunting.

Durham University later confirmed his findings through isotope analysis performed on the tooth enamel.

Every year, our knowledge of the past improves a little bit. Scientists have made several discoveries and revelations which have helped us better understand (and, in some cases, drastically altered) our history.

The two undertook a 400-kilometer (250 mi) trip from York to Wiltshire which is now considered the oldest known journey in British history.

This was unusual as ironwork in Egypt 3,300 years ago was incredibly rare and the dagger had not rusted.

An examination with an X-ray fluorescence spectrometer revealed that the metal used for the dagger was of extraterrestrial origin.

Archaeologists suspected this outcome due to ancient texts referencing “iron of the sky.” Now they believe that other items recovered from the pharaoh’s tomb were also made using meteorite iron.

The ancient city of Teos in modern-day Turkey has been an archaeological boon as hundreds of steles were recovered from the site.

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